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Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or are upgrading and renovating your home, pot fillers have easily become a common feature among luxurious kitchens. While they do indeed provide a layer of convenience, many buyers as well as homeowners are starting to wonder if they’re more trouble than they’re worth. There truly is only one real pro to installing the extra water source referred to as a pot filler, proximity. Subway tile and pot fillers was once the “go-to” look for those who were hoping to either upgrade or purchase a home with a modern and luxurious kitchen, however, times are changing and the feature is not nearly as coveted or sought-after as it once was.

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pot fillerUnless your kitchen is quite expansive, chances are, your sink isn’t too far from your stove, which means that when filling your pots at the sink, you don’t have to go far to arrive at your cooktop. Now, if you make large batches of soup regularly, those few steps of carrying a heavy pot may be a slight inconvenience, however when you actually stop to think about the difference between filling your pots at the sink or at the stove via a pot filler, there isn’t all that much of a difference.

Now, there are a few other reasons why many people are starting to wish they either hadn’t installed the feature or are searching for homes without the “luxury.” Primarily, potential leaks, repairs, and of course, water damage. Water damage is easily one of the most feared forms of damage among homeowners and that is simply due to the potential of mold growth, so naturally, avoiding any extra water features or piping that could cause potential leaks looks appealing to many homeowners and buyers alike.

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While the trend exploded in the early 2000’s and continued to gain popularity through 2015, the past few years have shifted as many people started to feel as if the feature caused more harm than good. So, whether the convenience of being able to fill your pots right at your stove top is a feature that you wish to install in your home or not, as with all home features there are pros and cons to each option and ultimately you must decide what would best suit your wants and needs.

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