renovation mistakes

Unfortunately, renovation mistakes happen, and when they do, it is likely to cost you both financially as well as emotionally as this can often cause an extremely stressful situation. While some mistakes can’t always be foreseen, there a few errors that many homeowners make that are all too common.

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Going Over Budget

Simply the easiest and most common renovation mistake is to go over budget. While you may be unable to always plan accordingly, and in some cases, damages during construction/renovation could lead to going over budget, it is important to remember that budgets are there for a reason. If your financial situation allows, it is always a good idea to set a budget below your max as this allows for a little bit of a buffer in case additional funds are needed for unforeseen repairs or damages.

renovationTaking on Too Much

While there is nothing wrong with having a go-getter and do it yourself attitude, sometimes the biggest mistake you can make is not knowing when to ask for help. Some projects may be easier said than done, so make sure to plan your renovation and truly research the work and knowledge needed so you are able to see if you are comfortable taking on the project or if it would be better to hire some extra help.

Starting Without a Complete Plan

If you’ve ever had an idea or vision, it may be hard not to jump the gun and instantly start planning and hit the ground running. Unfortunately, this can lead to a long list of mistakes as well as the need for extremely deep pockets to potentially fix and complete the renovation at hand. Likewise, you may end up extending your timeline tremendously by starting prior to having a full and executed plan as you’ll need additional time to tie up loose ends and decide how to complete the project or even find the necessary materials.

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Ultimately you have to decide what budgets you will set, create a plan of attack, and ensure that you are up for the task at hand. As long as you keep these three things in mind when completing your desired renovations, you can rest assured that you are setting yourself up for success. As mentioned, if you are on the fence and unsure if you are taking on too much work, it is always a good idea to at least explore the idea of hiring a contractor as well as collect a few bids before starting your renovation or next project.

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