If you’ve begun the search for a new home, or are looking at updating your current home, one big ticket item that you may be researching is decks. Decks are a huge feature for many homeowners as it allows you to enjoy outdoor space almost as an extension of your home, thus practically adding additional square footage to your living space. While it doesn’t truly add square footage, it helps ensure that you are using both your indoor and outdoor space to its fullest.

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new home pool deckBest Material for Pets

There is nothing worse than seeing scratch marks across your brand-new deck or flooring. Luckily there are options that can hold up to even the toughest pet nails as they chase their balls around the yard. Vinyl decking provides longevity, durability, and is visually appealing as it comes in a large array of colors and styles. With such a vast number of colors to choose from, you can ensure that your vinyl deck fits the exact style you are looking for, whether you want your deck to look like a true wood deck, tile, etc. you can find it all within the vinyl options available.

Best Material for Pools

Contrary to common belief, a pool deck should not be constructed of wood or plastic. While it may look nice and, in some cases, provide longevity, these materials become quite slippery when wet and could lead to accidents or injury. This is why you see concrete pool decks at all public pools; they provide the longevity needed as well as a better grip to help diminish slip risks. Another alternative would be to use concrete pavers to create a more designed pool deck, this will allow for a little more curb appeal, without sacrificing on safety.

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Best Material for Sun Exposure

The biggest mistake you can make when installing a deck that sees a fair amount of sun is installing a deck that won’t stay cool. There is nothing worse than stepping onto a deck that burns your feet on a hot summer day. Generally plastic and aluminum materials are used for decks that are exposed to high levels of sun as they stay cooler and tend to hold up well to premature sun fading or damage. It is recommended to use a light-colored finish as this will help even more with temperature control.

As with all home improvement projects it is important to assess the cost of the materials, set aside funds for any mishaps or addition supplies that may be needed, and of course plan accordingly for the time needed to complete the project. If you’re searching for a new home and a deck is a must have, make sure to look at the materials used so you are aware of any improvements or repairs that may be needed in order to create your perfect backyard oasis.

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