This One Thing Might Decrease Your Home's Value

Whether you are purchasing or selling a home, the two main areas of a home to keep your eyes on are the kitchen and the bathroom(s). These two areas of a house are the most likely to either add or decrease the home’s value.

As time goes by trends naturally are going to change, make sure you don’t get stuck selling a home for less because you have outdated bathrooms, and likewise, don’t buy a home that won’t give you equity because it lacks modern touches. So what should you avoid when purchasing, or what should you upgrade when selling? We’ve accumulated a list of the top five things to avoid when it comes to your bathroom(s).

This One Thing Might Decrease Your Home's Value

Hollywood Lighting –

I think we all had the round Hollywood dressing room style lighting in our bathrooms at some point in life, however, this popular trend has since expired. By switching to a more modern light fixture above the mirror you can instantly change the whole look of the room! Another good tip is to add a dimming switch, this allows for nice relaxing baths, or bright lighting when needed.

This One Thing Might Decrease Your Home's Value

Granite Countertops –

Granite was the most coveted countertop for the last decade if you didn’t have granite, you wanted it! Recent buyers however see no value in granite countertops and would prefer to have Marble or Quartz.

This One Thing Might Decrease Your Home's Value

Block Glass Windows –

This trend has been out for quite some time now, however it is still common among many homes. The block glass gives a gawdy look to a bathroom and often can become discolored easily, mostly throughout the grout and seals, which can make your bathroom go from “fab to drab.”

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This One Thing Might Decrease Your Home's Value

Glossy Finishes –

The shinier the better seemed to be the way to go, however, in recent years bathroom finishes seem to have shifted to a more matte finish. Regardless of the color, black, grey taupe, or otherwise, try to make sure that you have matte finishes throughout the bathroom, primarily the floors and cabinets.

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This One Thing Might Decrease Your Home's Value

Multiple Shower Heads –

While having multiple shower heads might still be a dream for some, a lot of buyers are currently looking for more environmentally friendly options and unfortunately, with multiple shower heads, you aren’t exactly saving any water. Try purchasing an eco-friendly showerhead and market that the bathroom is already outfitted to save water, you’d be surprised how many people want this!

While these looks range from a quick fix of a showerhead, to completely replacing the countertops, bathrooms should always be up to date for the current market before they are ever listed for sale. Ensuring that you have up to date features, flooring, cabinets, and lights can substantially increase the value of your home. Don’t get stuck in the past, look to the future, and enjoy all the features and fixings that come with it.

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Concerned you might have other things bringing down the value of the home? Let us help! We know what buyers are looking for and if you’re thinking about upgrading a room or two in your home before selling, let us help you put your remodeling dollars to the best use.


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