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There are miles and miles of sandy shores along the Carolina Coast, from well-known tourist destinations, to smaller local favorites, you can easily find a beach for nearly any occasion. To help ensure that your beach day can be enjoyed to the fullest, try using some of these popular beach hacks.

#1 Baby Powder

There is nothing worse than trying to get sand off your feet, hands, legs, arms, let’s face it, everywhere! Luckily there is an easy solution. As long as you’re dry, simply sprinkle some baby powder on your hands, feet, etc. and watch the sand rub off like magic. Truly, it works! Plus, you’ll be left smelling powdery fresh and won’t be taking the beach home with you.

#2 Fitted Sheet

This hack is growing in popularity as many beach lovers realize just how genius it truly is. Ditch the traditional beach towel and instead, use a fitted sheet for lounging. Place the rest of your beach items in each corner, so that the fitted sheet creates a wall/border helping to keep the sand out.

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beach hacks#3 Zip Locks

While the majority of newer smart phones are either water resistant or even waterproof, this doesn’t mean that tiny little granules of sand won’t cause some serious damage. Always keep a few zip locks in your beach bag so you can toss in your phone and keys, seal it up, and ensure that your valuables are left protected.

#4 Bring a Pool

Yes, you read that correctly. Bring a Pool to the beach! For those with little ones who aren’t yet ready to splash and run through the waves, a small and simple inflatable kiddie pool may be the key to a fun beach day for the whole family. Simply blow up the pool, set it in the sand and fill it with a small amount of salt water for younger kids to splash and play.

#5 Hats

Don’t be afraid of hats. Wide brimmed hats, baseball hats, bucket hats, fedoras, any hat will do. Protecting your scalp is key in a successful day at the beach, and unfortunately a sunburnt scalp is an easy way to have less than an ideal time.

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#6 Don’t Forget the Feet

Just like the scalp, you also need to be mindful of your feet. While you may apply sunscreen before you hit the beach, your hands and feet especially, are likely to lose sunscreen far faster than other areas of your body. Digging your toes in the sand seems to be a rite of passage for visiting the beach, but unfortunately those tiny little granules of sand are incredibly good at rubbing off sunscreen, leaving your feet exposed to the sun, re applying to your feet often can help save you from a painful sunburn.

So, whether you’re a Carolina local ready to hit your favorite beach, a vacationer, tourist, or recently moved to the stunning shores of the Carolina Coast, try using one, or all of the tips to ensure that you can enjoy your days at the beach to the fullest.

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