Gated Communities are often looked at as luxurious neighborhoods with high curb appeal and HOA standards, and while this is true, there are both pros and cons to living in a Gated Community. As with all things it is important to always weight the pros and cons when making any Real Estate purchase and while there are many different pros and cons, a few of the most common or the most talked about reasons are included below.

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Pros of a Gated Community

Up to 70 DiscountLess Traffic

When living in a Gated Community the amount of traffic is limited drastically. You don’t get as many people driving through the neighborhood aimlessly, helping ensure that vehicles inside the gates are supposed to be there. 


This goes without saying. When living in a Gated Community your security instantly boosts tenfold. Vehicles cannot easily gain access which helps to limit the number of potential break ins and theft.

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Gated Communities are ideal for those who enjoy walks, bike rides, coloring with Chalk etc. as there is limited traffic making these outdoor activities safer for all, a huge draw for those with families.

Cons of a Gated Community


There are many pros to Gated Communities, however, one of the main cons that is expected is that you will pay a higher premium for purchasing a home within a Gated Community. This can be reflected in both the purchase price and in the HOA dues if applicable.


Visitors may grow frustrated with visiting as they will need to either continuously request access, remember Gate codes, etc. making visits a little more stressful than simply pulling up and parking in a driveway.

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This can be a large range of things from a long line up to exit or enter the community during rush hour, limited parking for visitors/guests, as well as mechanical inconveniences if something breaks within the gate system as this could result in traffic delays.

What may work for some will not work for others and thus it is important to look at all of the pros and cons regarding Gated Communities in order to decide if a Gated Community is something that would be ideal for your specific home wants and desires.  

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