Landscaping Trends That Sell Homes

Curb appeal is one of if not the most important factors in getting your home sold. A well-maintained yard adds so much to the curb appeal and first impression of a home. Get buyers to want to come inside with some great landscaping.

The current trends for selling outdoor spaces today are “low-maintenance” and “sustainability.” Today’s buyers are looking for yards that look great but don’t need a ton of upkeep and help to sustain the earth and maybe even add to the function of the ecosystem in the area. An outdoor space is also a big trend right now and buyers want to see a space they can entertain, enjoy year-round and feel comfortable and private in.

Landscaping Trends That Sell Homes

Here are today’s most popular landscaping trends:

  1. Native Plants – This is a great way to add some color and interest to your yard without adding a ton of needed maintenance the plants that naturally thrive in the area you live will need less care than an exotic plant.
  2. Native and Adapted Drought Tolerant Plants – plants that need less water require less care especially in warmer months.
  3. Fruit and Veggie Patches – the trend to grow your own food right in your yard is growing and there are many attractive and simple ways to add a small fruit, veggie, or even herb garden to your outdoor space.
  4. Fire Pits/Places – What better way to get a homeowner imagining themselves enjoying the yard than to add a fire pit?
  5. Low Maintenance – yards that have huge flower beds and exotic plants are a gardener’s dream but many of today’s buyers want to spend time enjoying their back yard instead of maintaining it.
  6. Permeable Paving – Permeable paving allows for rainwater to drain through the pavement instead of running off and forming large pools of water elsewhere.
  7. Drip Irrigation – also referred to as water-efficient or trickle irrigation saves both water and fertilization by allowing water to drip slowly into the roots of plants done through a series of valves, pipes, tubing and emitters. Narrow tubing delivers water directly to the plants.
  8. Rain Gardens – rain gardens are designed to re-direct gutter water into a planting bed that works like a sponge and filter and lets the water seep into the soil.
  9. Lighting – the right lighting on a porch or patio will allow you to create an inviting sitting area/outdoor living space which will also have buyers imagining themselves enjoying the space.
  10. Rainwater and Gray Water Harvesting – collecting the rainwater into a barrel from your spouts allows you to put water where you need it most and is very eco-friendly.

BONUS – As I mentioned before, an outdoor entertainment space is HUGE right now. Consider a patio, outdoor kitchen, outdoor fire pit or even a see-through fireplace from the inside to the outside, although this is an spendy upgrade if you’re selling.

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