If you’re looking to sell your Sunset Beach home you probably want to get the very most profit from it. You can do this by tackling some very simple home improvements that can really boost the value of your home. Here are five ways to improve your home’s value and potentially increase the profit you’ll get when you sell.

#1. Curb appeal.Home Improvements That Increase Home Value

Living on the coast means we have access to some of the best foliage on the planet. Make sure you highlight that foliage, especially to people that might be moving here from the mainland. Make sure your trees are well trimmed, there’s no bushes or shrubs touching the house, there’s an easy pathway to the front door and you prepared any cracks in concrete, faulty steps or front door woodwork.

#2. Update lighting fixtures.

If you’re still living in the 1980s with your bathroom lighting fixtures, it may be time to upgrade. Simply spending a couple hundred dollars on new lighting fixtures with a more modern twist can it not only improve the light in a room but can update the space quite substantially.

#3. Keep each room as its original usage.

If you’ve moved an office space into the dining room, a playroom in the formal living room or used a room for something other than the original purpose it’s time to move it back. Keep bedrooms as bedrooms or as a decorative office, set a nice dining table in the dining room and make sure the living room or formal living rooms are staged appropriately.

#4. Update anything that buyers feel they’ll need to address when they move in.

This could be a textured ceiling, older faucets, and fixtures, outdated paint styles or paneled walls or simply repairs that of never been completed. You don’t want buyers to think about all the things they have to do when they move in. You want your home to be move-in ready to appeal to the most amount of buyers.

#5. Remove old window treatments.

Unless your window treatments are updated and high-end, it may be time to remove them and simply let the natural light of the island shine through each room.

There are simple ways to update and improve your home and if you want the most from the sale of your property, it certainly is worth the time and energy to update these items before listing.

If you have more information about listing your NC Coastal home or how to stage your particular property please feel free to contact us at any time.

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