Carolina Summertime

Sweet summertime is upon us, and the weather is starting to heat up as the sunshine peeks through the clouds. With the warmer weather many locals are enjoying the coast with days spent at the beach or little staycations over the weekends. Many people argue that you can’t beat the summers in the Carolinas and while this seems to be a common thought among many locals, you can’t deny the Carolina heat that comes with summertime. Luckily there are a few easy ways you can try to beat the heat without running your AC 24/7 and spending hundreds on your electric bill. 

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Cold Showers

Overheated? No problem, just hop in a nice cold shower to help cool yourself off. Whether you want to enjoy a cold shower before bed, first thing in the morning, or a quick rinse in the middle of the day, the cold water is a great way to beat the heat without cranking the air conditioning. 

summertime air conditioningAir Circulation

Surprisingly just by improving the air circulation in your home you can feel as if your home is cooler than it truly is. This is easily achieved with fans and while you will still need to use some electricity to run the fans in your home, the bill will be far less than if you were running your AC all day. Invest in a few good box fans or stand-up fans and help keep the air moving. 

Close/Open Windows

Morning and evening air is generally always cooler in the summertime, and you can easily use that to your advantage in order to help keep your home cool. Opening your windows and doors in the evening and early mornings can help cool down the house before the summer heat reaches its peak midday. Window fans are a great way to maximize the cooler air and keep your home cooler longer. 

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Enjoy Cold Meals 

Whether you’re BBQing, using the stove top, or turning on the oven, this is an easy way to get overheated and heat up your home, and yourself. Enjoying cold meals, whether a cold pasta salad, sub sandwiches, salads etc. is a great way to stay cool. While some cold meals may require cooking or prep work, you can designate a meal prep day to get all of your weekly cooking done and enjoy being cool the rest of the week. 

Stay Hydrated 

Staying hydrated is one of the easiest ways to not only stay healthy when it’s hot outside, but to also help keep yourself cool. You’d be amazed how much a simple glass of ice water can help cool you off throughout the day. 

So, whether you’re a local who’s used to enjoying the Carolina sunshine during the summertime, or you’re visiting the many sandy beaches along the Carolina coast, there are many ways you can try to stay cool this summer while still enjoying the Carolinas to the fullest. 

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