Thinking About a New Construction Home? Don’t Forget These 4 Things

It’s no secret that buying a new construction home is an exciting journey. Driving by the lot to see the progress, whether it be a poured foundation siding, etc. being able to literally watch the walls of your home being built provides an immense sense of pride among new homeowners. You may think that when it comes to a new construction home there isn’t much to worry about, after all, everything is new! Unfortunately, this isn’t the case and there are a few key things to consider before putting down a deposit and starting construction. 

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#1 Reputation

First, and arguably the most important is to do ample research on the builders of your home. As with all things, some builders have better reputations than others, some use better materials than others, etc. Understanding the company behind the build is key in understanding the foundation and materials of your home. 

Thinking About a New Construction Home? Don’t Forget These 4 Things#2 Warranty

How does the warranty look? Nearly all new construction homes will come with a warranty from the builder. These often vary and can cover things both within the home as well on the exterior of your home and can often save the buyers hundreds, and even thousands of dollars in repairs within the first few years. Make sure to see what is covered under the warranty prior to purchase, and if the warranty isn’t up to expectation, you may want to consider alternative home warranty options.

#3 Research Lenders

Buying a home is stressful on its own, however with many new construction homes you’ll find that the builder often recommends (and in many cases pushes) you use their preferred lender to speed along the process and keep all the paperwork and documents in house. For some this may be a good option, however you should never feel as if it’s your only option and just as with any home purchase, research the lenders carefully and shop around for rates before finally settling on a lender to use. 

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#4 Ask About Incentives & Negotiate

While you may not be able to negotiate the price as easily with a new construction home, there are indeed still negotiations that you can try to make. Things such as upgrades, buying incentives, etc. are all common offerings among new construction homes and can be used as negotiation tools. 

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