4 Benefits of Staging Your Home


When it comes time to sell your home there quite a few key factors that will play a role in both the success, profit and efficiency of the sale. While hiring a knowledgeable seller’s agent is of course a vital key component to any successful real estate sale, one tool that sellers can use to help excel their listing, and thus result in a faster and potentially more profitable sale, is by choosing to stage the home.   

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Allows Buyers to Really See the Home

By staging your home, it removes any and all personal belongings and set’s the home up to look as if the buyer was about to move in. This allows the potential buyer to visually see themselves in the home without picturing the life someone else may have had. By showcasing the potential your home has and by staging each room you are essentially creating a beautiful blank canvas where buyers can mentally plan out a life prior to moving in. Instead of seeing a nursery, buyers could envision an at home office, or a guest room to fit their personal needs.

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It Sells the Home Faster

 If you are hoping for a fast sale, staging your home is another great tool to success. Homes that are staged generally sell 90% faster than those that aren’t. While this percentage does vary pending on the current market and homes available, generally a staged home will always sell exceptionally faster than those that are not. Not only are the seller’s personal belongings already out of the home, but the home staging provides a fresh appearance and buyers will generally place an offer sooner simply by the aesthetic of the space.

It Provides a Higher Offer

While there are costs involved when it comes to staging a home, by choosing to stage the property you can also receive a higher offer and thus sell your home for a higher profit. On average, staged homes sell for 6% more than homes that are not. Staging your home will allow the space to be amplified, features will be highlighted, and the functionality of the space will cause buyers to spend more thus boosting the value.

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It Expands the Curb Appeal

You’ll often see articles about how important curb appeal is when it comes to selling your home, however, the wow factor shouldn’t stop when you walk through the front door. By staging your home your potential buyers will have a first impression that is sure to last and thus will set your home apart from the rest.  In an industry where first impressions mean everything, there is no true downside to choosing to stage your home.

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