Semi-oceanfront properties are located one lot from the beach, with some ocean views with a street between the home and the beach, as there may not be direct beach access depending on the home. These beautiful and desirable properties come in all shapes and sizes, as they can be a house, condo, or cottage. One thing is for sure: an oceanfront property is always situated in a prime location with stunning waterfront views. But what is the difference between semi-oceanfront properties and oceanfront properties? Continue to read to find the answer to this question!

Semi-Oceanfront Properties Versus Oceanfront PropertiesSemi-Oceanfront Properties Versus Oceanfront Properties

Oceanfront Location

A property oftentimes receives the label of “oceanfront” when the space between it and the beach is not an area where someone is allowed to build a road or a structure. This can usually bring with it a higher price tag. You may not be able to see the beach or even the water from your window, and therefore you cannot assume sightseeing opportunities.

Oceanside Location

With “oceanside” properties, at least one structure will exist between a property and the seashore. The possibility of crossing a road to reach the beach from an oceanside location is likely as well.

Oceanfront Pros and Cons

Your Oceanfront property is close to the beach with no roads to cross. This is an advantage to anyone in your household, especially those with mobility impairments. The location can also keep the cars in the driveway when you walk to the beach, reducing the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and helping you save on gas as well. The higher cost is a disadvantage of oceanfront properties. Another con is the impact they can have on the local ecosystem. Construction along shores places plants and animal species that live symbiotically at risk for injury or extinction. Oceanfront is also in the direct path of natural phenomena, such as hurricanes.

Oceanside Pros and Cons

Oceanside properties are typically less expensive, and they are close enough to the beach to allow you to walk or spend just a few minutes driving there. Structures closer to the ocean serve as a buffer against wind gusts and wave surges. Environmentally speaking, the distance is not great enough to minimize the impact on the beach’s ecosystem. The tourist traffic these accommodations attracted to the shore can have negative consequences on wildlife.

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