Winterizing Your Oceanfront Home

Living by the beach certainly has its benefits but it also has disadvantages as well. Homes on stilts, so the sea air and erosion can all create wear and tear that is more rough on an oceanfront home than a landlocked home. Here are some ways to winterize your oceanfront home.

#1. Check the roof and windows for any leaks or faulty seals.

#2. Remove any debris from gutters that could prevent water from flowing freely in the downspout.

#3. Add on extensions to downspouts to avoid excessive water around a crawlspace or foundation.

#4. Add more insulation in the attic.

#5. Trim back any overhanging limbs or bushes away from the roof or siding. Plants should not be touching the siding as they can collect moisture and leak up into the slats on the side of the house.

#6. Clean out window tracks so that dirt will not prevent moisture from draining to the outside.

#7. Use dehumidifiers in crawlspaces, attics and garages to cut down on the excessive moisture from living by the ocean.

#8. Keep pests out by repairing any screen vents or crawlspace tears.

#9. Wrap any exterior piping or plumbing with additional insulation and cover up exterior faucets to prevent freezing and cracking.

#10. Inspect the fireplace and chimney. Make sure flues open and close properly and hire a professional chimney sweep if it’s been several years since you’ve had a cleaning. Make sure there’s no animals or birds and ensure that the flashing is secure and leakproof.

#11. Shutdown the exterior sprinkler system if you have one to prevent any cracking over the winter.

#12. Change out all the batteries in smoke detectors, portable radios and carbon monoxide detectors.

#13. Check the status of your generator if you have want to make sure that it’s ready to go in case of an emergency.

We want you to stay safe this winter and by taking the time to winterize your home you can be sure that your home will treat you well this coming spring and summer. For more information about oceanfront homes, especially around Sunset Beach North Carolina please contact us today.

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