Buying a home on the ocean or beachfront property may require a little bit different home inspection. If you’re considering buying a home in Brunswick County North Carolina anywhere up and down the Brunswick Islands you want a home inspector that knows oceanfront properties, the problems that they can have and issues to look for.

Here are some of the top things that inspectors should be aware of when inspecting oceanfront, beachfront or waterfront property.

#1. Structural damage.What Inspectors Look for on an Oceanfront Property

Many of these oceanfront properties are built on stilts so they can handle any type that might come in, storms or other elements. Inspectors will checked for the structural integrity of the stilts, beams, braces and foundation to make sure there is no rot, termites or other wood destroying insects or elements. A home inspector will also check to make sure that there hasn’t been any major damage from past homeowners, the elements or whether. They will look for leakage, mold, cracks, separation from baseboards and proper building permits if there were any additions or renovations.

#2. Proper construction.

Sometimes, home inspectors will find properties that have had additions, renovations or remodels done that were not permitted and therefore not up to code for proper beachfront properties. The inspector will check over all of these structural issues to make sure that the home is properly secured and constructed for its type of location. The last thing homeowners want to find is that their home was improperly maintained or built voiding their homeowners insurance should anything major happened.

#3. Land grade.

The home inspector should also check for sloping or draining towards the house or underneath the house. If there are damp crawl spaces, foundation movement, cracking or settling, water can wick up the foundation leading to rot inside the home and major problems later on.

#4. Roof.

Roofs will naturally take the brunt of the weather and the elements, especially on an oceanfront home. Your home inspector will make sure that the shingles and the roofing construction has been properly maintained or give you an estimated idea of how long the roof will last.

These are some of the biggest things that home inspectors of oceanfront property will need to be concerned about but all inspectors should check the electrical outlets and the electrical box or panel, plumbing, appliances, leaks on faucets in showers or behind toilets and the general structure of the inside and exterior part of the house.

For more information on inspecting oceanfront or beachfront property contact our office today. We have inspectors that we work within the area that specifically no beachfront land and property and can help you make an informed decision on your next home purchase.