Is a No Closing Cost Refinance as Good as it Seems?

If you didn’t purchase or sell a home in the last few months, chances are, you’ve considered a refinance with the near record low mortgage rates. While refinancing your home is a great way to help you save on revolving debts, and often allows you to lower your monthly overhead, there are generally always hefty fees that are included. Most of the time, these fees, or closing costs, for the new loan are between 2-5% of the mortgage amount. This means that if you are refinancing a home for $250,000 and are paying 3% closing costs (this percentage can vary), you’ll pay $7,500 in closing costs to secure the new loan.

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In recent months you may have seen a “no closing cost refinance.” Whether while scrolling social media, on the radio, billboards, televised commercials etc. the seemingly too good to be true option for homeowners is sweeping through the nation, leaving many homeowners wondering if the no closing cost refinance is too good to be true. Unfortunately, these advertised refinancing programs aren’t free, they’re simply structured in a different way than the more traditional route.

Is a No Closing Cost Refinance as Good as it Seems?While it may still be a great option for some homeowners, generally when refinancing is advertised as a “no closing cost” option, those fees are then simply rolled into the final loan amount vs. paying the fees out of pocket. As an example, if you were to refinance your home loan at $250,000 with a 3% closing cost fee, you could expect the following:

Ultimately, each option can be beneficial pending on your person preferences and cash flow availability. It is important to note that generally a no closing cost refinance does come with a slightly higher interest rate than the more traditional route with the pre-paid fees, however, with rates at near historic lows, most homeowners are still saving tremendously on their home loans when choosing either option.

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