Exterior Maintenance

Your home’s exterior will be the first place you see damage from the natural elements. You will want to perform routine inspections n all of the fixtures and surfaces so you can determine any repairs needed before any damage becomes critical.


Having a home near the beach means that it will experience long exposure to sun, sea, and sand. Consider the materials you use on the exterior of your home and to maintain your home. Make sure these materials are cohesive with the elements your home is facing.


Salt from the ocean can penetrate the floors, furniture, and paint in your home. You want to keep your property clean consistently to prevent build-up. Taking the time to have the exterior of your home washed will prevent the build-up of corrosive salt.

Windows & Doors

Always check your windows and doors and make sure the screens and seals are working properly. Repair any damage immediately as you see it is needed.

Secure Everything

All of your external wires, gutters, drains, and roofing is exposed and can retain damage from the elements. You want to watch these regularly and make sure everything is stored and secured properly.

Outdoor Furniture

If you have a beachside home, then you are most definitely enjoying the outdoors. Keep your outdoor furniture protected when it is not in use so you can sustain its lifetime of it.

Maintaining Your Beachfront Home Interior

When there is a harsh environment on the exterior of a home, it also affects the interior of the home too.

Decor & Furniture

When you furnish your beachfront home you want to choose durable furniture made from weather-resistant material. Consider hardwoods for your flooring and make sure it is treated and sealed.

Keep Elements Outside

Protect the inside of your home from the outside elements by taking off your shoes before you enter. Consider creating a space that is designed for entry and exit to and from the beach.


As you look to hang curtains and place rigs, choose your fabrics wisely. You want materials that are easy to clean and don’t stain. You want fabrics that do not fade due to sunlight exposure.

In Conclusion

Whether your beachfront home is your primary residence or a vacation home, you want to take care of it so you can enjoy the beauty and comfort without worry.

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