When judging a place to live, it is always best to weigh the pros and cons of any choice you happen to encounter. To weigh both is not to pick more cons than pros or pros than cons, but to counter a balance between the two to make an accurate decision of whether or not you can live with both or either. The same can be said for researching a new town before you pick up and move, whether is it a town next door to the one you live in or a town across the country. Below are some pros and cons, neither negative nor positive of living in Sunset Beach, and what to know about the area.5 Great Reasons to Live in Sunset Beach

A Summary of the Pros and Cons



Living in Sunset Beach

Located in the county of Brunswick, Sunset Beach is a tiny town located in the state of North Carolina. There is a consistency in the small number of people moving into Sunset Beach. To live in Sunset Beach is to embrace the sparse suburban feel, a pleasant mix between rural areas and large suburban areas with far more space for a tight-knit community and the flow of money. But the real question is, is Sunset Beach, North Carolina a good place to live?

A Great Place to Live

With a great rate of education, crime cost of living, and diversity, Sunset Beach has much to offer a great variety of people. This city, though tight-knit and not as largely populated as many might prefer offers what any city can: it provides what its residents need and want.

Factors of Great Living

There is much about what makes a city a great place to live, one of the most important being affordability. The overall cost of housing should not cripple someone financially. Another great factor to consider is job availability. A city with much to offer should have a healthy variety of jobs to choose from, offering to a diverse group of people. Safety is a must for any city you choose to live in, a place where you can feel comfortable walking around during the daytime and nighttime, with a low crime rate. The amenities of a city are important factors; a variety of entertainment outside of the home including restaurants, bars, and other kid-friendly places to go is a great plus living in the area.

Details of Pros and Cons

The pros of living in Sunset Beach are explained:

The cons of living in Sunset Beach are explained:

Who Resides in Sunset Beach?

The median age in Sunset Beach is 66 years of age. A typical family is an average of 2.3 people, including children and parents. Sunset Beach ranks 6,792 as an average diversity and ranks 217 on a state level. According to the American Community Survey and the US Census below are the data sources.

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