Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

Your home inspector is there to try and help bring awareness to any major problems that may lie within the home you are hoping to purchase, however oftentimes home buyers don’t understand exactly what a home inspection covers, what their home inspector is looking for, or what questions they should ask post inspection. 

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First and foremost, understanding what is covered, or rather, inspected is crucial in generating your own personal questions for your inspector. As a general rule of thumb, your home inspector will be looking at things such as: 

While you will get a report of the findings during the inspection, you may still want to ask some questions. Oftentimes understanding a home inspection report feels as if you’re reading another language, and thus, getting clarification is always a good practice. A few common questions you should ask your home inspector could be: 

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Regardless of how well you know your real estate agent, the seller of the home, or your home inspector, you should always go through your inspection report thoroughly. In addition to the common questions listed above, should you have any questions while going through the report, tag the page, take notes, and formulate a list of your questions to discuss with your agent and/or home inspector. 

With the current market, many buyers are choosing to purchase homes “as is” in an effort for their offer to look more appealing than others. While this may boost your chances of acceptance, you need to be careful when doing so as it could lead you to purchase a home that requires more work or maintenance than you may have expected. If you are planning to purchase a home as is, asking the question, “what items will need immediate repair?” is key in budgeting for both your purchase as well as the repairs needed as soon as escrow closes. 

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