We are almost to Christmas and busy getting everything prepared for Santa to arrive, but have you thought about what you’ll do after?  What do you do with an old Christmas tree? Many just throw them out when there is still so much life left in them, or for others, they aren’t sure how to dispose of them. Luckily there are multiple ways you can breathe new life into your Christmas tree! So as you decorate the tree, hang the stockings and wrap your presents, keep these things in mind. 

5 Things To Do With Your Christmas Tree After Christmas

What To Do With Your Christmas Tree After ChristmasCompost

If your tree is not potted then you can continue its life by adding it to your compost. You can cut the tree into smaller pieces and allow for the pine needles to fall off leaving dry and brittle branches. These can be used as a carbon source for your compost bin. If you save the pine needles then you are adding green materials to your compost as well. This helps break down the compost faster and can keep it from smelling nasty.


You can also cut off the boughs and use them as layers in your garden beds. This is a natural mulch that protects rootsand prevents frost heaving. The branches of a Christmas tree are a great alternative to wood chips or straw. They are heavy enough to not blow away but still allow for new shoots to poke through.

Chip The Wood

Wood chips are great for garden paths and they smother weeds. You can use your Christmas tree and create wood chips out of them that leave an impeccable pine smell. Wood chips also help bring you healthy soil that benefits from the decomposing wood. You just need to run the trunk and branches through a wood chipper and then you will have your organic mulch.

Bird Home

This may seem, silly but you can hang all kinds of bird feeders and homes from the branches and create a bird sanctuary outside. This will be a great bird-watching tool come spring when its warm enough to be outside again.


If you don’t want to refill bird feeders then you can still trim your tree into a habitat for other wildlife. Drag your tree outside and let it sit for the winter. Chickens love to play with the trees and goats even love to eat them. Animals can fight some boredom in the winter so this can be a great addition for them outside.

Whatever your Christmas Day traditions are, the centerpiece is likely the tree. Why not add to the traditions by finding a great way to recycle your tree after the holidays? Are you searching for a new home this Christmas season? Or is selling a home on your Christmas list? Contact our office today to make all of your real estate dreams come true!