I certainly don’t want to use the term “lazy” when I’m talking about inexpensive fix ups to make your home look more expensive than it really is because all of these things do take time and of course, money. But there are ways to create an expensive look in your home for fractions on the dollar. Here are some unique ways that you can live well, look expensive and still have money left over in your budget.

Inexpensive Ways to Have the Look of a High End Home#1. Light wood floors.

Nowadays these dark wood floors are all the rage whether they are a dark cherry, stained dark or painted black but they may not look that way forever. The same goes with black vehicles; they only look good a few minutes after you wash them. Give it a day or two and they’ll be stuff all over it again. The same is true with your hardwood floors. Going with a lighter wood or a white washed wood can reflect more light into the room and show a lot less dirt.

#2. Quartz instead of granite.

There are a lot of ways to get that faux granite look. You don’t have to worry about chips, stains or scratches and there’s never resealing when you go with the quartz countertop instead. Also, quartz comes in hundreds of finishes and colors and always looks the same regardless. With marble or with granite, what you see is what you get and you usually cannot replace it with a similar style as it just won’t match.

#3. Artificial turf.Inexpensive Ways to Have the Look of a High End Home

Stay with me here; this is not the neon green, hard and rough turf that you probably remember from the football field back in high school. Today’s artificial turf can be lush, dark green and even soft with various bits of brown, black and lighter blades mixed in between. It truly does look very real and of course you’ll never have to water it, saving money on the environment and your utility bill and you’ll never have to mow it.

#4. Easier shower doors.

A frameless glass enclosure for your shower can look modern and sleek and by eliminating the frame you can cut down on the soap scum and gunk that can accumulate along the frame. The only thing you’ll have to do is squeegee the glass about every few uses in order for it to look pristine and clear. You could even look at the easy care glass that may require very minimal if any maintenance at all.

#5. Artificial fireplace.

In many of today’s newer homes gas fireplaces are all the rage. You can even go with an electric fireplace to give you the ambiance without a lot of heat, especially if you live in a warm climate. There are even ways to cut back on the costs here. You can choose gas logs if you have an existing fireplace that are just a couple hundred dollars rather than an entire insert that may be a couple thousand dollars.

These are just a few touches that you can make to your existing home to add flair and luxury without the luxurious price tag. For more information on upgrading your home, home improvement tactics or staging your home for today’s buyers throughout Sunset Beach and surrounding communities and towns contact our office today.

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