Buying a Home Next to Vacant Land

The biggest thing to do when considering buying a home next to vacant land is to ask questions! And ask a lot! This will protect you from ugly surprises. Find out who owns the land, find out the zoning of the land, and the approved use of the land. Do it before you buy.

Why Ask These Questions? What Could Happen?

If you buy a home next to vacant land without knowing the potential of what could happen, a few things could happen…

– Does your new home have a gorgeous view of the location of the vacant land? Well, that view could eventually get blocked by the building of new homes.

– Do you like your new home because of the quiet area it’s located at? Well, that vacant land you’re next to could one day become a very busy road or a huge shopping center.

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– Does your new home have a huge yard? Well, is it because you don’t know where the property lines are? Because if so, the owner of the vacant lot next to yours may soon take over.

Check the Emotion at the Door – Be Diligent with Inspections

Buying a home is an emotional process and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all. No matter what your experience with home buying is, you should stay the ground during it all. This is especially true when it comes time to make the offer and during the inspection.

Additionally, don’t rely on the information of one person alone. Do your research to YOUR satisfaction.

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Research County Records & Ask Neighbors

In a lot of cases, researching a property or vacant property may be as simple as reviewing county records online to see who owns it and what it’s zoned for. If that’s not good enough, then ask other homeowners in the area what they know.

Regardless of what you actually do to research a property or how you do it, make sure you take into consideration all the potential possibilities before you purchase a home next to vacant land

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