Tips to Sell Your Beach House

Selling a home is a journey, and when selling a beach house, you may find there is more to it than snapping some photos and putting a for sale sign in the yard. You can find a multitude of different tips and tricks to try and help your listing stand out from the rest leading you to a successful and profitable sale, however, when it comes to beach homes, the list of tips might be different. While you will indeed want to stick to a few traditional tips such as boosting your curb appeal and giving your home a good deep cleaning, try using a few of the tips when it comes time to sell your beach home.

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Tips to Sell Your Beach House Enjoy the View

Naturally, if someone is in the market for a beach home it’s to enjoy the beach, even when they’re inside their home. Because of this, you want to play on the views. Try to showcase the view of the beach, mountains, gardens etc. from every room, removing blinds from the windows and instead adding transparent, lightly colored and airy curtains. Make sure the curtains are open, offering just enough color and design to make the room look inviting without blocking the views.

Let There be Light

One of the first things you think of with a beach home is a bright home with waves crashing in the background. The last thing buyers want to see in a beach home is dark colors and harsh aesthetics. Try to stick to light, neutral tones to help brighten the space, take advantage of natural light, and add soft light bulbs and fixtures where you can.

Home Staging is Key

Generally speaking, homes that are found both on and near the coast will always come with a higher price tag than those that can be found further inland. Because of this, many buyers want to ensure that the premium they are paying is worth it and want to envision their lives in a beautiful, decorated beach home where they can make memories of their own. Because of this, home staging is vital in promoting your listing and making it look picture perfect for potential buyers.

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Ditch the Carpet

As much as you might enjoy kicking your shoes off and enjoying the feel of soft carpet beneath your feet, when it comes to a beach home, this isn’t ideal. Naturally, homes that are near the coast will have more sand tracked in, and when it comes to flooring, you’ll want to ensure that the sand can be cleaned easily and won’t get stuck in carpet fibers. Area rugs are great alternatives to carpeted floors as it still allows for a cozy aesthetic and helps break up space but can be easily cleaned or replaced if needed.

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