Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and you may find yourself scrambling to try and come up with a fun gift to have ready come Sunday morning. Luckily you can re-purpose a few common household staples into something new and fun for the special Mom in your life to enjoy. Whether you’re planning on a slow lazy morning with coffee and gifts, or a picnic lunch at one of the many beaches along our beautiful coastline, these gift ideas are sure to make mom feel special! 

Here are a few of our favorite re-purposed gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

3 Unique Re-Purposed Gift Ideas for Mother's Day 2024#1 Milk Carton Bird House

If your mom loves being outdoors or has a love for bird and wildlife, then this Mother’s Day this might be the craft for you! If you look at a traditional wooden bird house, and then at a milk carton, you might notice that the shape is rather similar. With a little imagination, some markers, paint, scissors, string, and bird seed you can easily transform your milk carton into an adorable little bird feeder for your mom to put in the yard.

Simply cut out a door in the front of the carton, place bird seed in the bottom, add some string to the dop, decorate and you’ve got a homemade bird feeder! Make sure to put the right type of seed in your bird feeder to keep your local birds healthy!

#2 Herb Garden

Herb gardens are not only a fun garden to tend to and use throughout the year, but they can be fun to make as well! Whether you want to paint small terracotta pots with handprints, footprints, or pictures, or upcycle other plastic containers, an herb garden is a great gift that Mom can enjoy for months to come. If you wish to upcycle, simply find plastic containers that you might recycle such as a water jug, milk jug, condiment jar, etc. and cut small holes in the bottom for drainage, color with sharpies, fill with dirt, and then plant the seeds you wish to grow!

#3 Personalized Apron

Many moms spend a lot of time in the kitchen and what better way to show your appreciation than with a personalized apron? Solid white aprons can be found at many stores, ordered online etc. and if you hurry, you’ll have enough time to create a fun gift for your mom to open this Mother’s Day that she can enjoy for years to come. You can easily decorate, color, paint, or add a handprint as the “O” in “MOM” for a little extra personalization to make your gift extra special.

As Mother’s Day rolls around we hope you enjoy spending time with family and friends! 

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