8 Adventurous Things to do in Sunset Beach – Known for its stunning wildlife, pristine sandy beaches, islands, star-gazing, and golf courses, Sunset Beach, NC is a beautiful coastal town best known for being a proud member of the North Carolina Birding Trail. There are plenty of amazing attractions and activities that await anyone, local or tourist, at Sunset Beach. Like any wonderful town like Sunset Beach, there are great accommodation options available- including hotels and stunning Airbnb homes right on the beachfront. Here are the 8 best things to do in Sunset Beach, NC.

8 Adventurous Things to do in Sunset Beach8 Adventurous Things to do in Sunset Beach

1. Visit the Ingram Planetarium

Stuart Ingram, the man responsible for starting up the Ingram Planetarium, found that his passion lay with the night sky and all the beauty held within. The construction of the planetarium ensured that others could share his passion and knowledge about the celestial bodies in space. The museum is open through the whole year, with varying times. Make sure to check the official website and for the best experience, try to make a reservation for the day! Some of the exhibitions includes a laser-light show synced with iconic oldies such as Pink Floyd and The Beatles.

2. Explore Sunset Beach Park

Residents and tourists alike are offered a magical world to step into and wander the serene environment only found at Sunset Beach Park. Offering breathtaking scenes of the ocean and encapsuled by majestic live oak trees. Spend some relaxing time at the fishing piers, enjoy a long stroll on the walking trails. For families, try having a fun picnic in the green open space. For more than a sandy beach day, the Sunset Beach Waterfront market is held at the waterfront park.

3. Check out Bald Head Beach

This 15 mile stretch of sandy beach is an island off of Sunset Beach, NC. To reach it from Sunset Beach, you are able to park at the mainland and take a ferry to the secluded beach, or for traveling within the island, rent a bike or a golf cart to enjoy the marshy natural retreat from the noise of the world. The scenery is unbeatable, home to a variety of flora and fauna and many, many birds.

4. Take a Shot at Golf

There are many golfing clubs within the vacinity of Sunset Beach, NC, there are two that stand out to the area. The Sea Trail Golf Resort & Convention Center, and Legends’ Oyster Bay course (located on Myrtle Beach) are among the most popular two golfing courses. Both clubs offer exclusive play and stay experiences. Reservations for the day are recommended at these two locations.

5. Summertide Adventure Tours

Summertide Adventure Tours in Seaside Beach, NC offers various water sports, fishing trips, and adventure tours. To make the most out of your experience, check out local companies such as Kayak Tours, Kayak Fishing, and Kayak rentals.

6. Visit the Kindred Spirit Mailbox

Over 35 years ago, the Kindred Spirit Mailbox was set up originaly with a notepad and pen on Bird Island. Now, more than three decades later, hikers and those exploring the area stop by to pen down their thoughts. Reading through some of the funny, soulful, and sometimes secrative posts in the mailbox is enough to leave anyone intrigued.

7. Check out Sunset Beach Trading Co.

Sunset Trading Co. has a variety of merchandise to swim through. Select some original designs by artists printed on shirts, pants, and caps. Looking for something to bring home as a reminder of Sunset Beach? Explore souvieners, such as maginets or keychains. Interested in something more uniquely designed? Earrings are a great choice! With a wide selection of products to choose from, there is always something to take away from the Trading Co.

8. Fishing Charters in Sunset Beach

Fishing is a renowned activity, depending on the season, of course. Different fish species, such as trout and mackerel. There are private tours where you can see aquatic wildlife, such as dolphins, and birds. If you are a young family, have fun learning about fishing and crabbing while enjoying wholesome fun with Sunset Beach Fishing Charters.

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