There is a quiet revolution taking place in the real estate world that has left many prospective buyers feeling frustrated, pocket listings. The traditional route of listing a home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is no longer the sole pathway to a successful sale. The concept of pocket listings, or off-market listings, has gained significant traction, with a staggering 67 percent increase in homes likely sold without hitting the MLS since November 2019. While many sellers are appreciative of selling their homes as a pocket listing due to a much smaller amount of stress throughout the selling process, however for buyers, this means their dream home could have been sold right under their noses without even knowing it. 

Homes are Being Sold Before Hitting the MLS: Pocket ListingsUnderstanding Pocket Listings

A pocket listing is essentially a property that is for sale but is not officially listed on the MLS. Instead of being promoted to the public, it’s marketed discreetly through private channels. This exclusivity can create an air of mystery around a property, generating interest and demand among a select group of potential buyers.

Why Sellers May Choose to Sell Their Home as a Pocket Listing

Several factors contribute to the rising popularity of pocket listings, both for sellers and buyers. While each listing is unique and only marketed to a select market, these are a few of the most common reasons a seller may choose to sell their home via a pocket listing.

The Need for a Reputable Agent

For buyers, recognizing the value of working with a local agent who can unlock the doors to this hidden market is vital. As the real estate market continues to evolve, the buzz between pocket listings and local expertise is reshaping the way properties change hands, ushering in a new era of discretion, exclusivity, and tailored real estate experiences. Are you ready to start your home buying journey? Contact us today!