How do I know I’m getting a good real estate deal?

When buying a home, the perfect home may be a dream, but there are some things to look for to know whether or not you’ve made or are going to make a good purchase. Check out these 4 things when looking for a house to know you’ve got a great deal.

How Do I Know I'm Getting a Good Deal?

#1. Price.

Price is the number one factor when determining a deal. Regardless of what the home looks like, if it is priced correctly for its condition, location and size, you know whether or not is overpriced or underpriced or at market value. If you are unsure, your real estate agent should be able to tell you whether or not it is priced correctly. An amateur real estate agent, one that does it part-time, or a brand-new agent, may not know whether or not a home is priced correctly. Agents that are very familiar with local communities, neighborhoods, and subdivisions will be able to tell you if the home is priced correctly, overpriced or under market value. Once you know your price range in which to search, your real estate agent should be able to present you with homes within that price range and pick out those that are a good deal.

#2. Features.

A good deal has to have the features that you are looking for in a home. It might be priced correctly but if the home does not offer the features you are looking for, it’s not a good deal to you. Coupling the price with the features that you want naturally are the components that make up a good deal. If the home has the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you are looking for, features such as an open design, backyard, or the letters that you want and it’s priced correctly, you’re probably getting a good deal for you.

#3. Condition.

There were two similar homes within the same neighborhood priced $40,000 different from each other. The higher-priced house had a few extra landscaping features but the size, condition, and location were all fairly the same. The home priced $40,000 less sold within a week. If the same buyer were looking at homes, naturally the lower priced home would’ve been the better deal.

Condition means the state of repairs that the home needs. There’s usually fixer-upper, fair, average, good, and excellent conditions. Excellent conditions would be primarily for new construction homes or brand-new remodels. Many homes are in good condition so other factors would need to play a role as to whether or not it’s a good deal. If the home is fair or is in a fixer situation, the home would need to be priced adequately for it to be a good deal and then again, the buyer would need to want this type of home as well.

#4. Location.

We’ve always heard the phrase location, location, location. But this really is true when looking for a good deal. Are you looking for a home in the neighborhood with a community, gated subdivision, a view, waterfront or oceanfront, close proximity to work or schools? All of these location factors will play a role in conjunction with condition, price and features. If the location works with the price and it’s in the condition you want with the features you need, you obviously are getting a good deal.

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