3 Tactics for Preventative Home Maintenance

The last thing you want is your entire house falling apart and a mountain of home maintenance tasks AND that’s the last thing buyers want as well. Whether you are selling your home or just giving it some love, staying on top of home maintenance will make it much easier to manage when little hiccups come along. If you’re looking to simplify your life, use these 3 tactics for preventative home maintenance. 

#1. Repair things right away.

I know this seems like a duh idea but don’t let that list get long. In the age of technology, we can tell Alexa or Google to put things on a shopping or to-do list. Do it right away. Light bulb out? “Alexa, put light bulb on the list”. Leaky faucet? “Okay Google, put clamp on the list”. Whatever it is, don’t wait longer than 4 days to fix it otherwise it will get thrown to the wayside and forgotten until your floor is soggy and your house is dark and you have to make special trips to get things done. Get the items you need next time you’re out and just complete the task. Set yourself a reminder on your Apple Watch, FitBit or Phone. Don’t let the repair go past 4 days if you can possibly help it.

#2. Get the service done rather than the repair.

Keeping your heating and cooling systems in good working order is one of the best preventative maintenance things you can do. Call a furnace specialist for an annual service and same with cooling systems. We do this for our cars, why not our houses? We want our systems to run smoothly and it’s hard to think about them when they are running great, but when they don’t it can be really expensive to repair. Think of this with your appliances as well. Get cleaning solutions for dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances to keep them clean and working well. Vacuum out the lint hose of your dryer at least once a year. Make a list AND when to do it so you’re not stuck one whole weekend doing everything. Add a project a weekend until it’s all completed. You’ll feel better and your home will run more efficiently.

#3. Keep an eye out for leaks. 

Water leaks are one of the biggest problems a home can have. Water damage can cause a mountain of expensive repairs so staying on top of them is essential to keeping a well-maintained home. Anytime you see a leak anywhere, nip it in the bud right away.  Look for dark spots under pipes, in cabinets, toilets that rock and any drips. Fix roof leaks immediately and NEVER put off a repair. A $200 repair could prevent a $2000 replacement. 

It can be difficult to create a new habit of repairing immediately but once you do, you’ll be much more relieved. You’ll also get so used to it and you’ll automatically repair things as you go. Once you get in that habit, the house will stay cleaner and you’ll feel less stressed. 

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