Ocean Harbour Landing Homes for Sale

Ocean Harbour Landing Homes for Sale

Ocean Harbour, also known as Puerto Nueva Fortuna in Spanish, is a bay located on the north coast of South Georgia’s Barff Peninsula. It was once a major hub for whaling activity between 1909 and 1920, and at one point was the center of the world’s whaling industry. The bay was originally named New Fortune Bay or Neufortuna Bay by the German Antarctic Expedition in 1922, after the whaling catcher “Fortuna,” which was owned by the Norwegian-Argentine company Pesca. However, the name was later changed to Ocean Harbour after the Ocean Whaling Co. established a station there. The name change was made to avoid confusion with another nearby bay called Fortuna Bay.

Ocean Harbour is home to several historical landmarks, including old sealing trypots and the wreck of the Bayard, a 1,300 tonne iron-hulled vessel built in 1864. The bay was also the site of the first introduction of reindeer to South Georgia by Pesca’s station manager and his brother in 1911. In addition, Ocean Harbour features a small cemetery with eight graves, including the oldest known grave on the island, belonging to Frank Cabrial of the sealer Francis Allen. Some of the graves are marked, while others have lost their markers over time.


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