Buying a house is exciting, yet most people don’t do enough research on the process before jumping in. The inspection is a crucial part of the home-buying process but in hot markets, many buyers are waiving the inspection altogether. While we don’t advocate this, we do understand it in some situations. Hot markets where homes go fast may warrant a home inspection waiver. But, nevertheless, when buying you should verify certain things are inspected and checked, even by yourself, if for no other reason, your peace of mind. 

Some of the most common items home inspectors will check is:

Remember, home inspectors are not experts on all these things but they do know a little about everything. If they suggest an additional inspection you might consider it carefully. It may be more expensive but it could save you thousands in the long run. 

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Some areas where inspectors may not check are the following:

Mold – Just about every home has some type or level of mold. Most is nothing to worry about. Anywhere moisture can build up, mold can grow. This could be on the walls of your shower or in a basement. If the inspector finds serious mold issues, it’s best to have it analyzed, inspected properly and removed before moving in.

Radon – Radon is a radioactive material that is usually distributed injured surrounding a home. If the concentration is strong enough it can be a health hazard. If your inspector suggests an additional radon inspection, definitely have one done. If the radon is president and is of concern, it can be immediately remedied through a specialized company. Radon can also leak into your water if you haven’t artisan well. This is nothing to mess around with.

Lead Paint – Any home prior to about 1973 may have lead paint on the walls. Chances are it’s been painted over several times and unless you, your kids or your pets are chewing on paint chips, it’s pretty harmless. However, if homeowners know that there is lead paint in the house they must disclose this to a buyer.

Asbestos – This common material was used in homes for decades but is not popular today. It’s completely safe when undisturbed but if people try to remove it themselves it can be extremely dangerous. If the home has asbestos you can either choose to have it professionally removed or simply leave it alone, but it’s important to know if the home has it.

Additional inspections. One more thought on additional inspections, as we mentioned previously, home inspectors know a little bit about everything but if they suggest having an additional inspection by a professional certified and qualified in that area, take heed. This is extremely important and could save you thousands of dollars in the future. If there’s issues with the roof, foundation, electrical or plumbing, it’s important to get an additional inspection to verify the integrity and durability of the item.

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