It’s always a smart idea to do your homework before buying one of the things you really should investigate before purchasing a property in Sunset Beach North Carolina? Now, of course this goes for purchasing a home just about anywhere but as Sunset Beach Realtors, our focus is on Brunswick Islands and the buyers and sellers in this area. However, these can certainly go for just about any home purchase.

Here are five things you need to check out before buying a home.

#1. Mortgage Rates5 Things to Check out Before Buying a Home

This will probably be the biggest loan and the biggest purchase you’ll ever make so it really pays to check out mortgage rates. You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest by choosing the right loan, the right terms and the right rate¬†for your needs and your long-term budget.

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#2. Property Taxes

Buying a home is more than simply repaying the principal and interest on your mortgage. Not only will you have that but you’ll have insurance and property taxes. Buying a particular area that is more popular than another area could cost you hundreds of dollars more in property taxes each year and you need to be prepared for that.

#3. Neighborhood Safety

Before settling on a home you’ll want to check out the crime statistics and neighborhood watch information of that particular neighborhood. You certainly don’t want to learn that you’ve moved in next to an active sex offender after you’ve already unpacked all the boxes. This can be extremely important if you have small children as well. Check with crime statistics in the area that you’re looking so you feel safe in your home and in your neighborhood.

#4. Neighbors

Talking with neighbors can give you a great insight on the neighborhood itself. They can tell you who’s noisy at the crack of dawn on Saturdays and Sundays or shortcuts to get to markets and shops. They can also tell you how safe the neighborhood is if there’s anything that you should be aware of by moving into the neighborhood.

#5. Credit Score

In order to get the best rate and term on your mortgage having a high credit score is imperative. Know your credit score and your report before applying for a mortgage and if you need to increase your score, talk to you about the best way to do that so that you can get the best rate when the time comes.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase long after you sign the final closing papers. But getting the best rate, understanding all of the costs involved and feeling comfortable in the neighborhood is a great way to do your investigative homework before buying a house.

For more information contact our office today to get started on researching a neighborhood, neighbors or if you need resources for shopping mortgages.

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