It’s no secret that buying a beach home is something that many people dream about. As with all home purchases you want to be diligent and ensure you are doing your research prior to closing the sale, however, there are some things that you want to pay extra close attention to when it comes to buying a beach home.

Is it weather-proof?3 Things to Consider When Buying a Beach Home

As with all coastal towns, ensuring that your home and city are both as weather-proof as possible is a must. While we always hope for the best and never plan for natural disasters to strike, protecting your investments against such horrors could save you from losing your home completely. According to FEMA using concrete as well as naturally durable wood are the best building supplies to use when constructing a beach home. An extra precautionary measure is to purchase a home on stilts, this is a great way to protect your home from flooding.

Is the roof new?

Checking on the condition of a roof should be considered in any home sale, but especially in the sale of a beach home. Most coastal homes will experience much harsher weather than homes that are further inland such as heavy and hard rainfall and high-speed winds. Purchasing a home with a newer roof is always suggested, a bonus is if you find a home with a metal roof as these are generally the most wind-resistant and thus provide a longer life before needing repair or replacement.

How close to the water is it?

It’s no secret that most people searching for a beach home want to be as close to the water as possible. This does help protect your investment in some ways such as ensuring that you will have great resale value, not to mention exceptional views, however, the closer you get to the water the higher your chances of flooding become.

The closer to the water you get generally the higher your insurance premiums will be for flood insurance and you may find yourself spending more in repairs than if you were to be further off the coast. Weigh the pros and cons prior to closing to see if you want to live as close to the coast as possible or would rather hang back a ways. As mentioned above, purchasing a home on stilts is a great way to help protect your home from the damages caused by flooding.

As long as you do the needed research and weigh all of the pros and cons when choosing your home, you are sure to end up in a home that you love. Regardless of if you choose to purchase a home right next to the waves, or decide taking a leisurely stroll to the water is a better fit, the Carolina Coast provides it all.

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